Deer, White


    Noted author and lecturer Gabriel Horn was given the name ''White Deer of Autumn'' by his uncles, Meta comet and Nippawanock, and by Princess Red Wing of the Narragansett tribe, Wampanoag nation. He has taught in reservation schools, American Indian Movement (AIM) survival schools, public schools, and junior colleges. He helped develop the curriculum and was head teacher at the Red School House in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was cultural arts director of the Minneapolis American Indian Center from 1980 to 1982 and helped establish the Minneapolis American Indian Art Gallery and the Living Traditions Museum. For his work in Indian rights, he was nominated for the Human Rights Award in the state of Minnesota. Gabriel Horn has a master's degree in English and currently devotes his time to lecturing, teaching, and writing. He is a teacher in Florida as well as a member of the National Committee on American Indian History and an advisor to the Native American national newspaper, Indigenous Thought. He lives on the Florida coast with his wife, Simone, an Ojibway, close to Mother Earth and the natural world that is so precious to him.;

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