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    10 Seconds of Courage
    10 Seconds of Courage
    How to recognise and embrace those life-changing moments
    An inspiring story delivered with her signature humour. I highly recommend it.' - Turia Pitt<br/><br/>We are all fighting for something and could use a short burst of courage to help face our fears. Not many people have the opportunity to learn about life from a living martial arts Master like Nadine did, so through sharing her story she is able to pass on the life-altering lessons she was taught. These are universally touching ideas of courage, fear, resilience, self doubt and belief, overcoming adversity, sacrifice, illness and the bravery to seize opportunities. People share similar fears and pains. Most are afraid of illness or death (for themselves or their loved ones), they are afraid of failing (especially publicly) but also are scared of never living up to their potential for a full life. 10 Seconds of Courage will provide inspiration and easy to use practical solutions for facing our fears, big or small. Concepts such as the 'I Am', 'Why Not You' and 'Emotional Volume Control' are simple but have a profound effect on changing your thinking for the better. These are conversation starters and form the basis for an online Community of Courage where people can share how they use their 10 Seconds of Courage and all the themes from the book.
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