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When We Remember They Call Us Liars
When We Remember They Call Us Liars
A powerfully confronting memoir spells out the ways in which the young Suzanne Covich applied her creative intelligence to negotiate the violence and silences inherent in a family where, to speak up about the abuse she endured could well have ended her life. Inspired by the heroic Huck Finn to escape her violators, rather than lie down and let the people in her world trample her, she finds comfort in identifying with fictional heroes, the landscape, music, her love of learning, high academic achievements and ultimately, the only option available to her as a teenager, to run away in the arms of an adult lover. Set within a picturesque Australian tourist destination, this memoir challenges preconceived notions of such places as it positions readers to question what lies beneath its surface - individuals, professionals and families that work to ensure that everyone walks away with lasting, idealized impressions. Ultimately, this memoir challenges current perceptions of a child growing within a violent home as it also offers new insights.
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Book Author
Suzanne Covich
Genre Biography & Autobiography , Family, Health & Fitness
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Fremantle Press
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