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God of Me
God of Me
Imagining God throughout Your Lifetime
The God of Abraham<br/>The God of Isaac<br/>The God of Jacob<br/>The God of Sarah<br/>The God of Rebecca<br/>The God of Rachel<br/>The God of Leah<br/>... the God of Me<br/>There is no easy prescription for how to know God, yet everyone can pursue a personal relationship with God, just as our patriarchs and matriarchs did in their lives. How we come to know God, however, is unique to each of us, influenced by our study of Torah, the insights of the Rabbis of antiquity, as well as our own experiences throughout our lifetime.<br/>To open the way for you to find God's presence in your life, Rabbi David Lyon uses the central prayer in Jewish worship, the Amidah, as a starting point, and guides you compellingly through classic Torah texts and midrash. He helps you clear away preconceived images of God from your childhood or dogmas that restrict your experience of God in personal and meaningful ways today.<br/>Combining profound teachings from Jewish sources with insights and experiences from real life, he shows how you can enjoy a unique relationship with God - the God of you, your God of me.<br/>
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Rabbi David Lyon
Genre Jewish , Religion & Beliefs
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Jewish Lights Publishing
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