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Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean
Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean
Using the Opposites Approach to Change Your Fattitudes
<i>Drop The Fat Act &amp;amp; Live Lean</i> employs the ''opposites approach'' to behavioral learning with a humorous, take - no - prisoners style of dialogue that can be more motivating than simple words of encouragement. Each chapter deals with common ''fattitudes'', habits, routines, or beliefs that fat people favor. These patterns actually guarantee keeping the pounds on. Knowing what ''not'' to is one of the keys to losing weight. Andrews also provides a new set of weight management skills, outlining the basics of healthy nutrition including how processed foods vs whole foods, animal vs plant - based diets and the speed they're consumed at all make a difference. Readers are shown that it's the ability to make good decisions on everyday choices that is the real formula to weight - loss success.
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Ryan Andrews
Genre Family, Health & Fitness
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