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Educating Gen Wi-Fi
Educating Gen Wi-Fi
How to make Schools Relevant for 21st Century Learners
'I am amazed at how much the world has changed today from when I was a student. The problem is that schools have not changed as rapidly as the world we live in...'' Just a generation ago, school was a simple affair: students learned from set texts, graduated and got a job. Now, when almost every child has access to vast networks of information through computers, phones and social media, there is no longer a wrong and right way to learn, no longer a single model of teaching, not even a familiar classroom environment. So where does that leave students and the people in charge of their education? Greg Whitby has spent 30 years teaching in schools and studying the way they cope with rapid change. Described as the most innovative educator in Australia by THE BULLETIN magazine, Greg argues in this, his provocative new book, that schools are often too slow to respond to change and too quick to condemn the new. But in order to engage students, it is vital that educators re - think everything they have been taught, including their own role as the sole authority. EDUCATING GEN WI - FI throws open the debate about education and offers up some thought provoking questions and answers.
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