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    A Baker's Field Guide to Christmas Cookies
    A Baker's Field Guide to Christmas Cookies
    A fun, original new take on a classic subject, A Baker's Field Guide to Christmas Cookies is a collection of more than 75 authentic Christmas cookies from all over the world, set up in field guide format. Each cookie is photographed in full color, followed by ''field notes'' on its type (drop, rolled, molded, filled, etc.), habitat (country of origin), description, traditions surrounding it, and the recipe. Christmas is the perfect time of year for sharing cookies with family and friends, and the recipes indicate which are fun to make with kids, which freeze well, which ship well, which are quick to make, and more. There are also loads of tips on baking and decorating, how to store Christmas cookies for maximum freshness through the season, and how to throw a Christmas cookie swap.
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    Dede Wilson
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    Harvard Common Press
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