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    A Better Death
    A Better Death
    Conversations about the art of living and dying well
    Illuminating, inspiring and intensely practical' HUGH MACKAY, author of The Good Life 'Brimming with pathos and profound insights' KON KARAPANAGIOTIDIS, author of The Power of Hope Of all the experiences we share, two universal events bookend our lives: we are all born and we will all die. We don't have a choice in how we enter the world, but we can have a say in how we leave it. In order to die well, we must be prepared to contemplate our mortality and to broach it with our loved ones, who are often called upon to make important decisions on our behalf. These are some of the most important conversations we can have with each other - to find peace, kindness and gratitude for what has gone before, and acceptance of what is to come. Dr Ranjana Srivastava draws on two decades of experience to share her observations and advice on leading a meaningful life and finding dignity and composure at its end. With an emphasis on advocacy, leaving a legacy, and staying true to our deepest convictions, Dr Srivastava tells stories of strength, hope and resilience in the face of grief, and offers an optimistic meditation on living and dying well. `At last, a book that teaches us how to die with kindness, courage and grace' CAROLINE BAUM, author of Only `The perfect balm for a fearful and technocratic world' MICHAEL McGIRR, author of Books that Saved My Life `What a gift! Read it and give it to everyone you love' KATE RICHARDS, author of Madness: A Memoir `Irresistibly compassionate, convincing and wise' MORAG ZWARTZ, author of Being Sam `Moving and informative, this book will leave an indelible mark' AUSTRALIAN WOMEN'S WEEKLY Dr Ranjana Srivastava OAM is an oncologist, award-winning writer, broadcaster and Fulbright scholar. Review: `Uplifting and forthright, calm and positive - and alive to all our needs' - Michael McGirr, author of Books that Saved My Life `At last, a book to help us prepare for the end of life, with tremendous warmth, wisdom and compassion' - Caroline Baum, author of Only `Death is a subject most of us try to avoid, and all of us need to discuss. I can't imagine a better starting-point for that conversation than Ranjana Srivastava's illuminating, inspiring and intensely practical book. The things we most want in a doctor - kindness, compassion, empathy and the reassuring blend of technical skill and professional integrity - are all here, shining through every word.' - Hugh Mackay, social researcher and author of The Good Life `A book brimming with pathos and profound insights on facing death with compassion, kindness and forgiveness for ourselves and those we may be caring for who are dying. In helping us grapple with our own mortality with unflinching honesty and pragmatism Dr Srivastava empowers us to live our lives to the full with an urgency and authenticity that will transform all our lives for the better.' - Kon Kon Karapanagiotidis, author of The Power of Hope
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