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    A Gentle Radical
    A Gentle Radical
    The Life of Jeanette Fitzsimons
    <b>Major biography of Jeanette Fitzsimons, hugely influential leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand.</b><br/><br/>Jeanette Fitzsimons was a visionary, a pioneer and a radical. This is the story of someone who battles National and Labour's lock on parliament and had the courage to challenge political sacred cows. <br/><br/>She was the co-leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand from 1995 to 2009, and a member of parliament from 1996 to 2010.<br/><br/>Highly regarded by all, she was the first (and, until recently, the only) Green MP to win an electorate seat. She died very suddenly and unexpectedly in 2020. <br/><br/>Fitzsimons is a unique figure in our political history yet someone whose personal story is still unknown.<br/><br/>How did a girl from a conservative rural family get to the front lines of radical political thought and then into the front benches of Parliament? <br/>How did she become the first Green MP in the world to win an electorate seat? <br/>How did she survive the brutal world of politics and get through the death of her co-leader Rod Donald?<br/>How did the world's first national Green Party form in New Zealand, and what was Jeanette's role?<br/>What can we learn from her politics and what did she think of the Green Party that followed her? <br/><br/>Fitzsimons lived a fascinating life, filled with moments of high political drama, and her example of how to navigate politics, adversity and triumph is more important than ever.
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