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    A Spirituality for Brokenness
    A Spirituality for Brokenness
    Discovering Your Deepest Self in Difficult Times
    <b>A gentle, clear guide to finding hope and help in troubled days. </b> ''When you begin to understand what brokenness means, you will be armed with information that empowers you to take the steps that can turn your leaden feelings into opportunities for health and happiness. When you can accept (and perhaps even celebrate) your brokenness, you can cease your endless search for 'healing' and get on with your life, scars and all.''<br/> - </span><span class=''''text12''''>from Chapter 1</span><span class=''''text10''''><br/> </span> We each have broken areas of our lives. Whether from things that happen to us or as consequences of our own choices, there are times and situations where our very souls feel fractured. With wisdom and profound personal experience, Terry Taylor guides you through a compassionate yet highly practical process of facing, accepting, and finally integrating your brokenness into your life - a process that can ultimately bring mending. He offers a clear - eyed, kindhearted method based on teachings and practices from many religious traditions, including:   Ancient Christian practice of Lectio Divina to face our brokenness Tibetan practice of tonglen to generate compassion for ourselves Jewish tradition of Sabbath - keeping to give us the space we need to mend Muslim practice of hajj - pilgrimage - to bring the journey full circle No matter your faith tradition, you will find lovingkindness and wise counsel in this useful, step - by - step guide to transforming these moments of supreme vulnerability into opportunities for reflection and spiritual growth.
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