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    Accidental Weatherman
    Accidental Weatherman
    <i>Accidental Weatherman</i> is the story of what happens when a hilarious Adelaide boy who knows nothing about meteorology scores the coveted weatherman gig on the highest rating breakfast TV show in Australia. As the <i>Sunrise </i>weatherman, Sam Mac has bungee jumped, swum with sharks, got his cat on the cover of <i>Pussweek </i>magazine, taken his mum to the Logies when he was nominated for gold, stripped naked for <i>The Real Full Monty</i> and even recorded a song with The Wiggles. But, ultimately, his job is about people - from primary schoolers to pensioners, Sam's gift is how he connects with them all. He uses heart and humour in his role on <i>Sunrise </i>to introduce viewers to the true characters of Australia. He prides himself on bringing awareness to causes such as mental health and animal rescue, and on championing underdogs who might need a hand up or a shout out. His genuine nature and open-book approach to social media has won him hundreds of thousands of fans along the way - although even he would admit that many of them only like him for his cat Coco (who is rapidly catching up to him in Instagram followers). After presenting more than 25 000 minutes of live TV in over 800 different Australian towns, Sam really has seen the absolute best of Australia, and it's brought out the best in him.
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