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    Air Cadet
    Air Cadet
    The Air Cadets
    For 13-year-old Cairns high school student, Willy Williams, life is not going smoothly. He has developed a passionate interest in girls, particularly the beautiful and mysterious Petra. <br/>But Willy is also bedevilled by temptation and is torn between his desire for Petra, admiration for red-head Barbara, and hopeful lust for Marjorie, his best friend's sister.<br/>Worse, Willy has a secret enemy who makes his life a misery, as do the school bullies who pick on him at every opportunity. Complicating matters, his own poor choices do not help. Were the makeshift rockets and drone really good ideas? <br/>Willy is also fascinated in all things that fly and is an avid model aircraft hobbyist. As a First-Year member of the Australian Air Force Cadets, his dream is to one day become a pilot in the RAAF. But even as an Air Cadet he has enemies and challenges. <br/>But when a major crisis happens, his skills at piloting radio-controlled model aircraft is vital. Will his model of the Red Baron's triplane bring him rewards or end his cadet career in disgrace?
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    Christopher Cummings
    Genre Action & Adventure , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    DoctorZed Publishing
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