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    All In The Mind
    All In The Mind
    Inspiring and transformational stories from the forefront of brain science - from the popular ABC Radio National program and podcast<br/><br/><br/>Understanding the human mind remains one of the most alluring challenges we face. Now pioneering investigations and technologies are enabling science to gain new insights into the complexity of the brain, its ability to change and adapt, and the connections between its biology and the mind, individual experience and behaviour.<br/><br/>Drawing on this research as well as interviews with neuroscientists, psychiatrists, psychologists and the people they help, science journalist Lynne Malcolm takes us on a fascinating journey to discover how this new knowledge is not only changing the way we understand the brain but is also changing lives.<br/><br/>Alongside stories about consciousness and perception, sleep, dreaming and hallucinations; of memory, identity, creativity and the mind-body connection; and of mental illness and recovery, are powerful personal tales of healing and transformation that offer hope to millions.<br/><br/>Illuminating and inspiring, All In the Mind will change the way you think about the brain, the mind and our inherent potential.<br/><br/>'We all mind about our brains. All in the Mind gives you an idea of what you should really mind about' - Norman Swan<br/><br/>'I opened All in the Mind expecting another book about mental ill health and a highly technical one at that. Instead, I found a highly readable collection of people's stories and insights, from the experts who live with or support loved ones with mental health challenges to the experts in science, health and academia. Lynne explores and demystifies the workings of our most complex organ - the brain - by sharing people's experiences with the skill of a compassionate storyteller' - Georgie Harman, Chief Executive Officer, Beyond Blue<br/><br/>'A beautiful exposition of the intricacies of the human brain. Lynne weaves an evocative tapestry of human success and suffering, backed by the most cutting-edge scientific research. Told in her inimitable style, invites us to reflect on what it means to be human and to consider the immense potential that lies within' - Muireann Irish, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, School of Psychology and Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney<br/><br/>'In advancing public understanding of the very rich and entrancing world of our own minds, it is critical to combine peoples' own experiences with the available scientific evidence, and to do that in a form that is readily accessible to most people. This book achieves these twin goals. It stands out from many other popular contributions through the richness of the personal narratives and the depth of the research findings reported. It is a most valuable resource for both those with a keen interest in brains and minds, and those who may wish to take it into more formal education settings. There are insights here that we all need to connect with' - Ian Hickie AM MD FRANZCP FASSA FAHM FRSN, Co-director, Health and Policy, and Professor of Psychiatry, Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney
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