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    Amazing Chesed
    Amazing Chesed
    Living a Grace-Filled Judaism
    The question isn't whether grace - God's love freely given - is there for you in Judaism.<br/>The question is, do you have the courage to accept it?<br/>Ask almost any Jew whether grace is a central concept in Judaism and an essential element in living Jewishly, and, chances are, their answer will be ''no.'' But that's the wrong answer. This fascinating foray into God's love freely given offers the reader a way to answer that question in the affirmative.<br/>Drawing from ancient and contemporary, traditional and non - traditional Jewish wisdom, this book reclaims the idea of grace in Judaism in three ways:<br/> It offers a view of God that helps the reader understand what grace is, why grace is, and how grace manifests in the world.<br/> It sets forth a reading of Judaism that is grace - filled: an understanding of creation, Shabbat and other Jewish practices from a grace - filled perspective.<br/> It challenges the reader to be embraced and transformed by grace, and to live life as a vehicle for God's grace, thereby fulfilling the promise of being created in God's image and likeness.<br/>
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    Rabbi Rami Shapiro
    Genre Jewish , Religion & Beliefs
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Jewish Lights Publishing
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