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    Aussie STEM Stars: Suzy Urbaniak
    Aussie STEM Stars: Suzy Urbaniak
    Volcano hunter and STEAM warrior
    Age range 9 to 12<br/>Aussie STEM Stars is an inspiring children's series that celebrates Australia's experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.<br/>About Suzy Urbaniak<br/>'Many people tend to follow the crowd, but never ask 'Why?' Suzy Urbaniak taught me so many things. This new way of thinking changed how I view the world.' - Year 6 CoRE Student, 2022<br/>Geologist Suzy Urbaniak is a limbo-dancer, a crepe-baker, a risk-taker and a question-asker. Winner of the 2016 Prime Minister's Prize for her out-of-the-box teaching, Suzy is all about passion, innovation, and doing things your own way.<br/>Because life is what's out there, in #therealclassroom<br/>About this series<br/>Each book is written by an award-winning children's author and celebrates the real-life stories of some of Australia's top scientists and inventors, chosen on the basis of their pioneering work. Themes explored include childhood, school, family, and formative experiences, what inspired them to pursue their chosen path, how they persevered in the face of challenges, and their contribution to science all over the world.<br/>
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