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    Bored With God
    Bored With God
    How Parents, Youth Leaders and Teachers Can Overcome Student Apathy
    SPIRITUAL APATHY IS A DISEASE. Like most diseases, apathy surfaces in observable symptoms that are frustrating to its victims and the people who care for them. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to apathy-and apathy is particularly contagious. In Bored with God, Sean Dunn catalogs what he's seen of apathy in his ministry to youth. He offers sympathetic guidance from the Scriptures for keeping apathy from spreading and for shepherding students into spiritual hunger. Teenagers can be frustratingly sleepy in their convictions, but once awakened to a life of bold faith, they can apply virtually tireless energy to the problems of a world bored with God. And that energy is particularly contagious.
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    Sean Dunn
    Genre Christian , Religion & Beliefs
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    InterVarsity Press
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