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    Brain Boost Diet Plan
    Brain Boost Diet Plan
    4 weeks to optimize your mood, memory and brain health for life
    Positioning statement: Use the power of food to optimize your brain health, boost your memory, <br/>enhance your mood and reduce the risk of cognitive decline through a <br/>revolutionary 4-week diet plan.<br/><br/>Sales points:<br/><br/>This has never been more relevant. Global populations are ageing rapidly, with incidences of cognitive decline spiking alarmingly.<br/>Addresses common, underlying imbalances involved in brain function using the latest research in cognitive function and the impact of nutrition.<br/>A straightforward and achievable 4-week dietary plan makes it easy to work the recipes into the reality of everyday life.<br/>Backed with articles, reviews and extracts across the lifestyle media.<br/>Synopsis:<br/><br/>What you fuel your body with is at the core of your health and this is even more true with the brain. Eat the right foods and you can profoundly affect your cognitive function now and in the future. The Brain Boost Diet Plan is a 4-week diet to cleanse and renew your brain.<br/><br/>The latest research now clearly indicates the incredible importance that diet plays in reducing the risk of conditions such as cognitive decline, mood disorders, Alzheimer's and depression. The Brain Boost Diet Plan addresses underlying imbalances in the body and brain that contribute to these conditions, such as inflammation, glycation, fatty acid imbalances, poor methylation and low nutritional status. These are highly technical dietary functions which expert nutritionist Christine Bailey is able to speak to both authoritatively and in a way that makes them understood by all.<br/><br/>With a focus on beneficial fats and nutrient-dense everyday foods, the plan is made up of 100 delicious, easy recipes that are low in sugar, gluten-free and packed with nutrients designed to optimize brain health and function. It's a delicious way to cleanse your brain of imbalances and nourish, energise and heal your brain for a sharper, calmer, healthier you.
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