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    Communicate Like a Leader
    Communicate Like a Leader
    Connecting Strategically to Coach, Inspire, and Get Things Done
    People don't leave an organization; they leave a boss'''' has become a truism for good reason. Often, the boss causing the retention problem has moved from buddy to bully unintentionally. People often get promoted from supervisor to manager or from manager to senior executive with brilliant technical skills but without the accompanying leadership and communication skills for the job. They focus on tactics, not strategy. As a result, these bosses are stuck in micromanagement mode. Grounded in extensive research, this book provides principles to help professionals think, coach, converse, speak, write, meet, and negotiate strategically to deliver results. This book prevents micromanagement before it happens?by providing the right leadership communication skills. In thirty-six very brief chapters, the book offers leaders help to communicate ideas, vision, and initiatives strategically in various formats and settings to audiences up and down the organization. Depending on how you communicate, you will either clarify or confuse, motivate or demoralize, engage or enrage employees. This book offers expert guidance to help you communicate strategically so you can fulfill your most essential responsibilities as a leader.
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    Dianna Booher
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    Berrett-Koehler Publishers
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