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    Don't Let Me Forget
    Don't Let Me Forget
    Would you remember the face of a killer?<br/>After divorcing the heir to a media fortune, Juliet Temple chose to keep her high-profile surname to grow her elite event planning business. But when a young woman is found dead and Juliet is drugged at her latest celebrity party, not even the Temple name can protect her. Unable to remember what happened that night, Juliet finds herself in serious danger.<br/><br/>Juliet retreats to the Hunter Valley, where she becomes Jet Appleton, Rhodes Family Estate's wedding organiser. Martin Rhodes, winemaker and former detective, is tasked with watching over her, but his son, Dan, knows nothing of Jet's true identity-which is a problem because he's the sort of man who deserves her honesty.<br/><br/>As the dark ties holding her to Sydney close in, Jet begins to see her old life-including her controlling ex-husband-in a whole new light. Jet's longing to return to Sydney is proving to be a dangerous desire, and so are her growing feelings for Dan. But not as dangerous as the killer, who is still watching her every move . . .
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    NZ$ 61.99

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    Belinda Williams
    Genre Crime & Thrillers , Romance , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Harlequin Books Australia
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