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    Finding Hope
    Finding Hope
    Cultivating God's Gift of a Hopeful Spirit
    <b>Discover the freedom and joy that come when you open your heart to Hope </b> This practical guide gives you the inspiration, encouragement and practices you need to cultivate a hopeful spirit and thus live a more fulfilling and joyful life. Writing from personal experience and her broad knowledge of many faith traditions, Marcia Ford helps you recognize - or develop - your own personal images of hope and create a place where you can go to see the many evidences of hope in your life any time despair seeps in. She provides important learning tools that you can apply to everyday life experiences, inspiring personal stories of hope from the famous and not - so - famous and realistic exercises for creating the overall balance and peace you look to achieve in living your life connected to God. Drawing from Christian and Hebrew scripture and the wisdom of spiritual teachers from all traditions, Ford helps you realize that we all can receive a gift of hope and grace from the Divine - we just need to be open to accept it. Topics include: Dealing with Disappointment It's Not Wishful Thinking Impossible SituationsRecovering from LossHope amid Suffering Overcoming Hopelessness Real and Imagined Threats The Heart of Healing Cultivating a Hopeful Spirit Freedom's Fascinating Power And more …
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    Marcia Ford and Andrea Jaeger
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