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    Foreign Affairs
    Foreign Affairs
    A book of sexy, romantic stories is hauled before the courts What happens when a book of sexy romantic stories is hauled before Priscilla and her committee of censors? Will she be able to pin down author John Trehearne and get his dirty book banned? The trouble is - the stories are too exciting. Everyone wants to hear more of Trehearne and his disreputable past. He comes from a world outside her experience and, what is worse, she is afraid he might win... Reviews Loved it! I could not keep my eyes off the book. It is mind - blowing. The author takes you through such an exciting journey of sex, passion, hidden fantasies and much more. Each chapter is a different erotic story that will trigger your mind and will make you want to read more and more. Honestly it is hard to put down. And like me, you may find more than one of your erotic fantasies coming true. Joshrx7, Australia Very Hot, Very Literate I just finished reading Jacqueline's book, Foreign Affairs. This novel is fantastic, very hot and very literate. It is a veritable travelogue of sex as the title indicates. It revolves around a collection of short stories placed in exotic locations by an English writer, John Trehearne. They are being read at a censorship review proceeding and narrative between the stories develops John's character and his romantic opposite, Priscilla. Although, like most romances, the end of the novel is predictable the short stories often have trick endings with implied meanings keeping everything spicy. Several characters appear in more than one story and Trehearne admits that they are somewhat autobiographical. This links the stories right into the big picture, one of the characters even sent a letter addressing the censorship proceedings. Because of this related story - within - a - story technique, Foreign Affairs provides a richness of thought not often found in spicy romances. It's a red hot read and a novel that will stick in the back of your mind. Jojo Jinx.
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    Jacqueline George
    Genre Erotica , Romance , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Q-Press Publishing
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