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    Funny Gyal
    Funny Gyal
    My Fight Against Homophobia in Jamaica
    The inspiring story of Angeline Jackson, who stood up to Jamaica's oppression of queer youth to demand recognition and justice.<br/><br/>When Angeline Jackson was a child, she wondered if there was something wrong with her for wanting to kiss the other girls. But as her sexuality blossomed in her teens, she knew she wouldn't ''''grow out of it'''' and that her attraction to girls wasn't against God. In fact, she discovered that same-sex relationships were depicted in the Bible, which she read devoutly, even if the tight-knit evangelical Christian community she grew up in believed any sexual relationship outside of marriage between a man and woman was a sin, and her society, Jamaica, criminalized homosexual sex.<br/><br/>Angeline's story begins with her traumatic experience of ''''corrective rape'''' when she is lured by an online predator, then traces her childhood through her sexual and spiritual awakening as a teen - falling in love, breaking up, coming out, and then being forced into conversion therapy.<br/><br/>Sometimes dark, always threadbare and honest, Funny Gyal chronicles how Angeline's faith deepens as a teenager, despite her parents' conservative values and the strict Christian Jamaican society in which she lives, giving her the courage to challenge gender violence, rape culture, and oppression.
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    Angeline Jackson with Susan McClelland
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