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    Taking the panic out of modern living
    A love song to self-compassion: here's a book for anyone who needs to silence the harsh voice inside their own head.' Richard Glover, bestselling author of <i>Flesh Wounds</i><br/><br/><i>It's my hope that by the end of this book I will have convinced you that a combination of mindfulness, self-compassion and compassion is all you need to get on your own side - and to help others get on theirs. And when we can all do that, we'll glide through life's challenges.</i><br/><br/><i>Glide</i> is the story of what happened when serial-achiever Lisa Forrest (Olympian, TV and radio broadcaster, author, actor, wife, mother) took time out to answer a question that had been weighing her down for years: Why, no matter what she achieved, was she never enough for herself? <br/><br/>Lisa discovered that the get-tough lessons from her years in elite sport were the source of her problem - in fact, they are the source of much of the illness, burnout and mental health challenges we all face today. More surprising is the antidote: self-compassion. Could it be the super-power we've all been looking for?<br/> <br/>Drawing on the wisdom of the women who ran Lisa's first swimming club through to contemplative neuroscience, <i>Glide </i>offers remarkably honest and calm insights into navigating the perils of modern living from a woman who has experienced it all.<br/><br/>'In a cluttered, busy, stressful world <i>Glide</i> is a window to finding the space that exists within us - where the clutter falls away, where the negativity transforms, where the chaos is calmed.' Tracey Holmes, sports presenter, journalist, TV and radio broadcaster
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