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    Gurkha Warriors
    Gurkha Warriors
    Gurkha Warriors is a brilliantly researched and fantastically readable history of this most fascinating of regiments. It tells the story of the amazing feats that put the Gurkhas in the same distinguished company as the British Paras, the Commandos, the Guards and the Black Watch. This fascinating relationship between the British and the Gurkhas - born out of ferocious violence and bloodshed, deadly serious bravery and extraordinary heroics - is one of the most psychologically intriguing and totally astonishing stories known to military history. It is of obvious interest not only to soldiers and historians, but also to members of the general public on whose behalf brave Gurkha soldiers are still sent to spill their own and other people's blood in the four corners of our deeply troubled world today.
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    Bob Crew
    Genre History , Social Science , Technology
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    John Blake Publishing
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