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    How to Make the Biggest Decision of Your Life
    How to Make the Biggest Decision of Your Life
    Single, divorced or in a relationship and contemplating marriage? This is THE book you need to create lifelong love. There is no decision that will have a greater impact on our lives than who we choose to give our heart to and share our emotional, parental and financial future with. With divorce rates over 40 per cent in much of the world, it's clear many of us need some help in picking partners. In this informative and entertaining guide, unique father-daughter team, psychiatrist Dr George Blair-West and dating coach Jiveny Blair-West, unlock the science and the secrets to making the biggest decision of your life. You'll learn: How attraction works and how to understand the unconscious forces at play How to create 'true love' that carries us through the tough times What we can learn from arranged marriages Why we need to avoid the nines and tens The six specific qualities important to support a healthy long-term relationship If you're single, this book will give you clarity and the confidence to choose a better partner. If you're in a relationship, it will help you to work out if you should stay or go. Either way, this book will empower you to take charge of your relationship destiny.
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    Dr George Blair-West and Jiveny Blair- West
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