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    Let There Be Joy
    Let There Be Joy
    Christmas Devotional
    Let There Be Joy is a 25-day Christmas devotional that will enable the reader to navigate the busy-ness, the joy and the meaning that solely belongs to this miraculous season. Each day of this December journey presents either a true story that reflects the richness of the Christmas season or teaches a riveting lesson from the treasury of Christmas scriptures. Some days the reader will laugh … other days the reader will weep … and hopefully, every day of this Yuletide devotional, the reader will be challenged to embrace the eternal message and meaning of the season that causes the world to stop in awestruck wonder. In addition to the daily devotional readings, each day also presents Bible reading suggestions as well as the opportunity for practical and personal application. Let There Be Joy is created to gently pry the reader's heart away from its focus upon the Western 21st. Century materialistic display of dancing elves, calorie-laden fruitcake and year-long debt rationalized by self-fulfilling giving. This devotional is a heart-stopping reminder of the deepest and most eternal meaning of the season. It embraces the sincere manner in which God intended the recipients of His most precious gift to celebrate in all epochs to follow. It is my desire that this book will not only present the loveliness of Christmas through the written-word but that the illustrations of the book will also visually present the singular and breath-taking beauty of Christmas. ''Let There Be Joy!'' has been written to envelope the reader in the glory and in the joy of the season when the world pauses to celebrate greatest the gift that has been given.
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    Carol Burton McLeod
    Genre Religion & Beliefs
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    Bridge-Logos Publishers
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