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    More Decent Obsessions
    More Decent Obsessions
    The Small things that tell The Big Picture
    Have you ever become engrossed in a trashy magazine at the dentist, only to realise that it is a decade old?<br/>Why do 'mates rates' always favour the buyer and never the seller?<br/>Have you noticed the new trends in the language of cafe menus?<br/>Over the years Salt has charmed Australian readers with his unique blend of social insight and down - to - earth observations.<br/>In More Decent Obsessions Salt channels our innermost thoughts and helps us understand ourselves a little bit better. If not Salt, then who else would tell the Australian people the truth about the Goat's Cheese Curtain, ticket etiquette at the deli counter or how to navigate the introduction of the unisex loo?<br/>Join Bernard Salt on a playful yet insightful journey that takes us forward to the 2030s and back to the 1960s examining life, manners and more to sketch a bigger picture of modern life in Australia.<br/><br/>'Bernard is a highly amusing bellwether. He leads the rest of us sheep down a gentle path of truth.' - Ray Martin
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    Bernard Salt
    Genre Politics & Government
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Melbourne University Press
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