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    No More Secrets, No More Lies
    No More Secrets, No More Lies
    A Handbook to Starseed Awakening
    Building on the historical perspective that characterized the previous book in the trilogy, Atlantis Rising, this final volume asks readers to remember that when they decided to come to this earth adventure... blowing down the Establishment Walls would be a Herculean task. But, she adds, Fall they would indeed. Hastening this necessary next step in evolution to higher being, says author Patricia Cori, requires understanding the forces at work and how to challenge and conquer them. No More Secrets, No More Lies unmasks the lies that have been employed to disempower the human race, while illuminating the tools necessary for those who intend to ascend with a revitalized Planet Earth. Intended as a guide for overcoming the designs of the dark warriors, and a blueprint for achieving the absolute freedom that is our true birthright as the super race of the realm, this provocative book brilliantly integrates into a larger schema such issues as media manipulation, racism, dark forces, crop circles, our food and water, and imminent extraterrestrial contacts, with the cosmic unfolding of human awareness and the evolutionary activation of our complex DNA codes our blueprint to immortality.
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    Patricia Cori
    Genre Mind Body Spirit
    Dyslexic Edition
    North Atlantic Books
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