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    Once Upon A Cowpat
    Once Upon A Cowpat
    Stories from the Back Country
    Country folk have their own way of doing things and their own sense of humour too. They are naturally wary of men in suits and university types, and such people have to be put to the test before they can be accepted. They are not too keen on new - fangled ways of doing things either: a meal of mountain oysters is one thing, but washed down with a glass of bull's semen? What's the world coming to?<br/>'Once Upon A Cowpat' is a hugely enjoyable collection of rural yarns, on subjects ranging from country rugby, shonky farm machinery and the Hokitika Wild Foods Festival, to uppity animals, pub brawls and Mystery Creek. The characters include oddball farming types, tough hunter - gatherers, ten - acre blockers and gormless youths - not forgetting the women who defy and distract them. And being in the country, they frequently find themselves in some pretty hair - raising and often hilarious predicaments. Tall tales or gospel truth? Well, Graham Hutchins has met some real characters in his time, but he is also a master story - teller, so you'll have to make up your own mind on that one. One thing's for sure though: this is a book that men and women of all ages will enjoy, whether in gumboots or fireside slippers.<br/>
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    Graham Hutchins
    Genre Comedy & Humour
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    Exisle Publishing
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