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    Searching for Women who Drink Whisky
    Searching for Women who Drink Whisky
    Life and Love in India
    ''When journalist Miranda Kennedy arrives in New Delhi she discovers that renting an apartment as a single woman is next to impossible and finds herself cheerfully labelled as 'the unmarried Feringhee (foreigner) with the cats'. And so begins her struggle to find a place for herself in the New India, a country racing headlong into a future no one seems to be able to keep up with, least of all the extraordinary women who become her friends and unofficial guides. There is the devout Sex and the City fan who wears mini - skirts to work at a Western company yet prefers the old Bollywood style of romance; her mismatched housekeepers ? a proud Brahmin widow constantly struggling to keep her smiling 'Untouchable' co - worker in her place ? and the rebel who defiantly chainsmokes and drinks whisky, yet keeps her boyfriend a secret from her family. From acting as chaperone for a friend's 'interview' for an arranged marriage to reassessing her own way of life, Kennedy offers a uniquely personal insight into both their world and hers as they struggle with the challenges every women faces: how to find the perfect partner, meet your family's expectations and yet become the woman you want to be. ''
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