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    The Art of Risk
    The Art of Risk
    Richard Harris
    Diving doctor on the Thai Cave Rescue (now a Netflix series) and former joint Australian of the Year explores the stories of other people who regularly risk their lives and what we can learn from their expertise.<br/><br/>Are free-solo climbers, underwater cave explorers and big-wave surfers crazy ... or cautious? How do soldiers and fighter pilots manage risk? What can we learn from how BASE jumpers and drag racers prepare that we can take into our own lives?<br/><br/>'Harry' Harris - Thai Cave Rescuer, joint Australian of the Year - has an unusual idea of fun: he crawls though pitch-black, confined caves, deep underground and usually underwater. To most, that's a nightmare. To him, it's recreation. He's prepared for all conceivable risks, he's completely focused. And the discipline and danger involved leave him better prepared for everyday life.<br/><br/>In this ultimate armchair adventure, Harry takes us into the lives of other 'risk-takers', to find out why they do what they do. We meet people adventuring from the highest skies to the deepest oceans - BASE jumpers, drag racers, snipers and surfers - including climber Alex Honnold (from the movie Free Solo), sailor Jessica Watson, film director and deep-sea diver James Cameron.<br/><br/>Each gripping story is a masterclass in risk from the experts: when to go, when to say no, how to prepare and above all, how pushing ourselves a little further helps us become more courageous and resilient in all of our challenges.<br/><br/>Heart-pounding and eye-opening, you'll never look at risk the same way again.<br/><br/>'Richard ''''Harry'''' Harris peels back the mindset that shapes the line between recklessness and courage.' Hugh Riminton
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