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    The Art of Thank-You
    The Art of Thank-You
    Crafting Notes of Gratitude
    Author Connie Leas explains, ""Writing a thank-you note is a small but gracious way to repay kindness with kindness."" Part inspirational, part how-to, The Art of Thank You shows how to write well-crafted notes of gratitude for all occasions. Readers learn when, and when not, to send a card, whether an e-mail is ever appropriate, and how to get children to write thank-you notes. Learn the secrets of the whys whens, and how-tos of thank-you-note writing. The Art of Thank You will motivate youor perhaps someone you know who could use a little encouragementto pick up a pen and take the time to express gratitude. Interspersing straightforward guidelines with funny, inspiring anecdotes and examples by such luminaries as Abraham Lincoln and Ernest Hemingway, the author's practical tips make this handy little book an indispensable resource.
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