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    The Best Australian Science Writing 2022
    The Best Australian Science Writing 2022
    What can a microbial gravesite on a moon teach us? Why is a group of scientists risking their lives to safeguard a seed bank? How does a virus detective story show us why we need to be vigilant about the next disease outbreak?<br/>Great science writing has the ability to make us captive bystanders to the complexities of research. It makes us ask questions, and sustains in us an infinite curiosity about our world.<br/>Science writing also brings into sharp focus stories that surprise and compel us to pay attention to parts of the world often unseen, from a dusty gold mine which could help answer one of the biggest questions in astrophysics to a delightful date with the misunderstood blobfish.<br/>This much-loved anthology - now in its twelfth year - selects the most riveting, entertaining, poignant and fascinating science stories and essays from Australian writers, poets and scientists.<br/>With a foreword by health broadcaster and author Dr Norman Swan, this anthology covers another remarkable year filled with seismic moments in science.<br/>Includes the shortlisted entries for the 2022 UNSW Press Bragg Prize and the 2021 student prize-winning essay.<br/>
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