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    The Book of Theanna, Updated Edition
    The Book of Theanna, Updated Edition
    In the Lands that Follow Death
    Before she died, Theanna (then Sara Lonsdale) developed a means to continue communication with her husband Ellias. The Book of Theanna contains Ellias' daily transcriptions of Theanna's words through death's doors. In the course of these writings she discusses the scenery of death; the denials and delusions of the recently dead; and the nature of sexuality, violence, and power as seen from the bracing perspective of the other side. Theanna experienced the many forms of death, including The Death Minds, The Hell Realms, and The Intensity of Love Across the Veil. In a lucid and sober voice reminiscent of Dante's Divine Comedy, she reports on each of these encounters, which include Rudolf Steiner, Jesus Christ, and ''The Lord of Death,'' whom she engages in spiritual battle. Not just another account of life after death, nor a channeled book in the usual sense, The Book of Theanna enacts a virtually unknown and ignored method of spiritual communication. Theanna's principal goal is to make her own process available collectively so that from this point on, people ''will be able to come back from the dead and recognize where we are and that we are.''
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    Ellias and Theanna Lonsdale
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