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    The Bourgeois Empire
    The Bourgeois Empire
    <i>Everything should stay as it is, or you will lose everything, and that's how it is for everyone.<br/>Today was a day for getting along, liver - healing, a cocktail party and a faster wireless connection that tolerates renovated turn - of - the - century walls and allows Candy Cane (or Coconut?) to become a part of your afternoon en suite bathroom caucus. Life is not good, but it feels good, on occasion, baby, is what you might type. <br/><br/> - from The Bourgeois Empire </i><br/>Paranoia, pills, and torrent after torrent of glorious porn. A marriage devoid of both sex and emotion. A broken hand, a perpetually surreal home reno, a dying dog.<br/>For Jules, a successful professional with a wife and kids, all of this would be manageable - if it wasn't for Charlie. Because fifteen - year - old girls, dear reader, are something different entirely.<br/>Jules is obsessed with a teenager - he's falling head over heels and attempting to arrest the march of time. He's a man, dammit - a man's man, a guy's guy - and that's all that matters.<br/><i>The Bourgeois Empire</i>, Evie Christie's first novel, is a Nabokovian fever dream, an encyclopedic guide to mortal sin, and a thoroughly contemporary reimagining of Billy Wilder's classic film <i>The Lost Weekend</i>. And yes, of course, it's a love story too.<br/>
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