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    The King's Shadow
    The King's Shadow
    Andrew Cobham is a man of unconventional behaviour, his home is unusually grand, and he answers no questions. But as he keeps his own secrets safe, so he works to uncover those of others.<br/>It is 1483 and King Edward IV wears England's crown, but no king rules unchallenged. Often it is those closest to him who are the unexpected danger. When the king dies suddenly without clear cause, then rumour replaces fact - and Andrew Cobham is already working behind the scenes.<br/>Tyballis, when orphaned young, was forced into marriage with her neighbour, a bully and a simpleton. When she escapes his abuse, she meets Andrew Cobham, and gradually an uneasy alliance forms. Their friendship will take them in unusual directions as Tyballis becomes embroiled in Andrew's work and the danger which surrounds him.<br/>Eventually it is a motley gathering of thieves, informers, prostitutes and children that joins the game, determined to help Andrew uncover treason. And as the country is brought to the brink of war, Andrew and Tyballis discover something neither thought was possible.<br/>A thrilling story of abduction, murder and subterfuge by one of Australia's finest historical writers.
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    Barbara Gaskell Denvil
    Genre Historical , Romance , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Simon & Schuster Australia
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