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    The Last Dingo Summer (The Matilda Saga, Book 8)
    The Last Dingo Summer (The Matilda Saga, Book 8)
    GRIPPING, EMOTIONAL AND MOVING' - New Idea on Facing the Flame (The Matilda Saga, Book 7) A body has been found in the burned-out wreckage of the church at Gibber's Creek - with older skeletons lying beneath it. The corpse is identified as that of Ignatius Mervyn, the man who attempted to kill Jed Kelly and her unborn child. Newcomer Fish Johnstone is drawn into the murder investigation, convinced that the local police are on the wrong track with their enquiries. But as she digs beneath the warm and welcoming surface of the Gibber's Creek community, more secrets emerge. And Fish must also face her own mystery - the sudden appearance and then disappearance of her father, a Vietnamese refugee she never knew. Set during the Indigenous rights and 'boat people' controversies of the late 1970s, this haunting story shows how love and kindness can create the courage to face the past.
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    Jackie French
    Genre Young Adult Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    HarperCollins Publishers Australia
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