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    The Last Reunion
    The Last Reunion
    <b>Burma, 1945</b>. <b>Bea, Plum, Bubbles, Joy and Lucy</b>: in search of adventure, attached to the Fourteenth Army, fighting a forgotten war in the jungle. Assigned to run a mobile canteen, navigating treacherous roads and dodging hostile gunfire, they become embroiled in life-threatening battles of their own. <b>Oxford, 1976</b>. A woman slips into a museum and steals several rare Japanese netsuke, including the famed fox-girl. Despite the offer of a considerable reward, these tiny, exquisitely detailed carvings are never seen again. <b>London and Galway, 1999</b>. On the eve of the new millennium, <b>Olivia</b>, assistant to an art dealer, meets <b>Beatrix</b>, an elderly widow who wishes to sell her late husband's collection of Japanese art. Olivia travels with Beatrix to a New Year's Eve party, deep in the Irish countryside, where friendships will be tested as secrets kept for more than fifty years are spilled. Inspired by the heroic women who served in the 'forgotten war' in Burma, <b><i>The Last Reunion</i></b><i> </i>is a heartbreaking love story and mystery by the international bestselling author of <b><i>The Botanist's Daughter </i></b>and <b><i>The Silk House</i></b>. 'I couldn't put it down. Fascinating. I love the empowerment that these ladies gain' <b>FIONA PALMER</b> 'Absolutely magnificent. Includes all of my favourite things: art, female friendship and courageous women discovering their true heart and soul against a backdrop of war' <b>NATASHA LESTER</b> 'Evocative writing from the horrors of war and the deep life scars derived from it, melded with real tenderness, a cleverly worked and beguiling plot and memorable characters, render this book as quite simply, a superlative read - and the twist in the tale, perfect' <b>Christopher Bantick, <i>Weekly Times</i></b> 'Several things are true about Kayte Nunn's novels: you will laugh, you will cry, you will learn something, and you'll be reluctant to leave her characters behind. This is all especially true of <i>The Last Reunion</i>, an uplifting story about the power of love, memory and determination that moves between World War II and the recent past.' <b>SOPHIE GREEN</b>
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