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    The Morphine Dream
    The Morphine Dream
    <p>Delusions of grandeur or relentless ambition? Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.</p> <p>At age thirty - six, Donald L. Brown had resigned himself to being a ''complete loser.'' A high - school dropout and a failed semi - professional ball - player, he was now a laborer. When severely injured in an industrial accident, he was told he would never walk again. His second marriage crumbled and his wife left him. He was considering suicide as his remaining option.</p> <p>But Brown had a dream while on a morphine drip for the pain from the accident. He imagined himself graduating from Harvard Law School and walking across America. Of course, everyone told him he was crazy, but he took the dream to heart nonetheless.</p> <p>The Morphine Dream is Brown's intriguing tale of his long walk - both physical and metaphorical - to achieving his goals. But this is not just the conventional story of a man who defeated insurmountable odds.</p> <p>After achieving the seemingly impossible and achieving national recognition as a legal crusader for minority homeowners, Brown once again fell onto hard times after committing a serious error in judgment which resulted in the loss of his law license. Having hit rock bottom before, he refused to succumb to what fate seemed to have in store for him. Digging deep inside, he achieved new dimensions he could never have imagined.</p> <p>An amazing story of one man's loss and gain, hope, and the revealing of an unexpected calling.</p>
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    Donald L. Brown and Gary S. Chafetz
    Genre Biography & Autobiography , Mind Body Spirit , Travel
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Bettie Youngs Books
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