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    The Real Wealth of Nations
    The Real Wealth of Nations
    Creating a Caring Economics
    From the author of the bestselling classic The Chalice and the Blade, The Real Wealth of Nations proposes a dramatic new economic model that could help resolve many of the most critical problems we face today, and offers concrete steps for putting this model into practice.Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations provided the first, most influential and lasting explanation of the workings of modern economics. But with his focus on ''''the market'''' as the best mechanism for producing and distributing the necessities of life, Smith's concepts only told part of the story, leading to flawed economic models that devalue activities that fall outside of the market's parameters of buying and selling. The real wealth of nations, Riane Eisler argues, is not merely financial, but includes the contributions of people and our natural environment. Here, Eisler goes beyond the market to reexamine economics from a larger perspective-and shows that we must give visibility and value to the socially andeconomically essential work of caring for people and the planet if we are to meet the enormous challenges we are facing. Most importantly, she provides practical proposals for new economic inventions-new measures, policies, rules, and practices-to bring about a caring economics that fulfills human needs.''''Eisler delivers another impressive work that's remarkably well referenced, well argued, insightful, and hopeful
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