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    The Sacred Art of Forgiveness
    The Sacred Art of Forgiveness
    Forgiving Ourselves and Others through God's Grace
    <b>Tap into the power of the Divine. Learn how to forgive - and be forgiven. </b> Everyone knows that forgiveness is a virtue and a key to emotional, spiritual and even physical well - being. But learning <i>how</i> to actually forgive - or to accept forgiveness, as the case may be - is a sacred art few of us have mastered. It doesn't have to be that way. Writing from personal experience and her broad knowledge of many faith traditions, Marcia Ford offers a new perspective on forgiveness and reconciliation, an approach rooted in the Spirit that can be learned by anyone no matter how deep the hurt. Through real - life examples, penetrating reflections, scriptural references and practical suggestions, Ford outlines the steps that one by one can help you to forgive, including: Coming to terms with anger, bitterness and resentment Understanding the differences between forgiveness and reconciliation Taking the initiative, even when you're the one who's been wronged Strategies for listening ''with the heart'' in emotionally charged situations Knowing when to forgive and forget - and when to forgive and take action Ways of allowing the power of the Divine to work through you Finding compassion for others - and for yourself … and much more
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