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    The Secret Life of the Gold Coast
    The Secret Life of the Gold Coast
    The Gold Coast: City of the Future; metropolis of dreams. In less than fifty years a tiny holiday town of fibro shacks and mangrove swamps has grown to become a city of almost a million people and an embodiment of our unquenchable lust for surf, sun and sand. Set against a backdrop of marina developments for the near-dead, a rampant drug culture, the underground porn industry and the anarchy of schoolies week, The Secret Life of the Gold Coast is a disturbing but often comical expose that trawls the underbelly of Gold Coast life while pondering the elusive nature of Paradise and the unexpected consequences of our desires. - See more at:
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    Brendan Shanahan
    Genre Travel
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Melbourne University Press
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