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    The Shadow that Seeks the Sun
    The Shadow that Seeks the Sun
    Finding Joy, Love and Answers on the Sacred River Ganges
    Positioning statement: An uplifting story of spiritual awakening revealing simple yet profound truths about our natural state of being, set amidst the atmospheric banks of the River Ganges that will appeal to self-help and Eat, Pray, Love readers.<br/><br/>Sales points:<br/><br/>True narrative non-fiction, this book recounts Ray Brooks's spiritual enlightenment. Ray speaks publicly on the subject of non-duality, in seminars and talks around the world.<br/>Told in conversational style, Ray leads the reader through his awakening, exposing all the misconceptions of the spiritual search, while teaching at the same time.<br/>Philosophical talks are interspersed with humorous and uplifting descriptions of life in Rishikesh, India, on the banks of the River Ganges, which include a whole host of colourful characters and spiritual adventures that will appeal to the Indian travel/spiritual markets.<br/>Synopsis:<br/><br/>It is widely thought that finding peace, happiness and freedom requires tremendous effort - that in order to achieve a state of contentment and harmony in life, a journey must be taken, or someone or something must be awakened or overcome.<br/><br/>After a chance encounter with an extraordinary Anglo-Indian man on the ghats of the sacred River Ganges, Ray Brooks discovers through the course of nine conversations that his quest for wholeness has been futile: no such journey was necessary, and, just like a shadow that seeks the sun, he had been searching for a self that had never been lost in the first place.<br/><br/>''No new knowledge is required or acquired, Ray. No transcendental experience or higher consciousness needs to be achieved. When the recognition of what you are is seen - nothing at all happens. Why would it? You simply find yourself as you already are.''<br/><br/>This book offers no systems of belief or promises. Instead, it clearly points to something that is ever-present yet usually completely overlooked: the ordinariness and beauty of our true nature. After acknowledging that simple yet profound truth, the search for wholeness will be complete.
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    Ray Brooks
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