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    The Voynich Manuscript
    The Voynich Manuscript
    The World's Most Mysterious and Esoteric Codex
    ''The Voynich Manuscript is the limit text of Western occultism. It is truly an occult book - one that no one can read.'' - Terence McKenna, ethnobotanist and mystic This complete edition of the Voynich Manuscript includes a fascinating and authoritative foreword and introduction by Dr Stephen Skinner, Dr Rafal Prinke and Dr René Zandbergen, who together detail all that is currently known about this mysterious medieval manuscript, the only book in existence that has been written in this particular language and alphabet - a language that nobody can read. Drawing on their extensive knowledge of the period, of other esoteric and alchemical works and of the curious history of the Voynich, they explore its relation to magic and alchemy, and what may be guessed about the meaning of its beautiful illustrations. This information, together with the images themselves, invites readers to form their own interpretations of this most famous of enduring mysteries.The elegant design of this Watkins edition is a fitting showcase for the manuscript's strangely beautiful cryptographic script and otherworldly illustrations, which include astrological, astronomy, herbal medicine and enigmatic drawings of naked women bathing.
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    Stephen Skinner, Dr Rafal T Prinke and Dr René Zandbergen
    Genre Mind Body Spirit
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Watkins Publishing
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