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    The Wonder Trail
    The Wonder Trail
    True Stories from Los Angeles to the End of the World
    Who should read this book? Anyone taking a trip People who would like to take a trip but can't Anyone who can happily remember taking a trip Anyone who hates taking trips. They can read it and laugh at the discomfort of the traveler. People interested in: animals, the Amazon, beaches, coffee, canals, drugs, explorers, festivals, islands, jungles, plants, ruins, volcanoes, the tropics, the desert, the mountains, the sea, and other wonders of Central and South America. SO: People taking trips, people who aren't taking trips, people who like trips, people who don't like trips, and people who want to be entertained, delighted, and informed should all enjoy this book. Steve Hely, writer for 30 Rock, The Office and American Dad! , takes a trip south - all the way south. On a journey that takes in Mexico City, ancient Mayan ruins, the Panama Canal, Colombia, the Amazon rainforest, the Galápagos Islands, the Atacama Desert of Chile, and the jagged and wind-worn land of Patagonia, Hely encounters the colourful, the wild and the downright absurd. Part travel book, part pop history and part comic memoir, The Wonder Trail is a gallivant Steve-Hely style - razor-sharp, hilarious and fascinating.
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    Steve Hely
    Genre Travel
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    Black Inc. Publishing
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