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    Toughen Up
    Toughen Up
    What I've Learned about Surviving Tough Times
    Lessons from NZ's top entrepreneur on surviving tough times. Michael Hill believes the struggling economy can be a good thing for businesses and entrepreneurs. It is possible to succeed in a downturn - in fact it is the perfect situation in which to perfect a business. Instead of fearing the side - effects of recession, wallowing in gloom and convincing ourselves the only safe haven is at home under the blankets, entrepreneurs can use this period to their advantage. With the right attitude, you can not only survive, but emerge from the crunch with a new feeling of prosperity and strength. Over the years, Michael Hill has had just about every possible experience in business: from lie - awake - at - night nerves to the joy of unexpected success. He's reshaped the landscape under his feet and he has ventured into new territory. And at every moment, he has relished the excitement of it all. Once, he was an outsider in his industry; the cheeky startup whom nobody expected to succeed. The established players had no reason to view him as a threat. Now, his business is the establishment. It dominates the markets in which it operates. Michael Hill Jeweller is a respected part of the business culture in a large part of the world - and they are continuing to expand in both size and ambition. This book encapsulates the ingredients of Michael's philosophy. There are no secret herbs and spices. It is not a magic recipe - it is just a collection of solid ideas, firmly grounded in reality. All these concepts are remarkable only because they make common - sense - but you'd be amazed how rarely they are fully understood and embraced in the business world.
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    Michael Hill and Claire Harvey
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