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    True North Groups
    True North Groups
    A Powerful Path to Personal and Leadership Development
    The challenges we face these days are so great that we cannot rely entirely on ourselves, our communities, or our organizations to support us and help us stay on track. We need a small group of people with whom we can have in - depth discussions and share intimately about the most important things in our lives - our happiness and sadness, our hopes and fears, our beliefs and convictions. For the past thirty - five years, Bill George and Doug Baker have found the answer in what they call True North Groups. ''At various times,'' George and Baker write, ''a True North Group will function as a nurturer, a grounding rod, a truth teller, and a mirror. At other times the group functions as a challenger or an inspirer. When people are wracked with self - doubts, it helps build their courage and ability to cope.'' Drawing on recent research in psychology and sociology, George and Baker explain why True North Groups are so critical to helping us develop the self - awareness, compassion, emotional intelligence, and authenticity required to be inspired human beings and inspiring leaders. They cover every detail from choosing members, establishing norms, and dealing with conflicts to evaluating progress and deciding when it's time to restructure. True North Groups provides a wealth of practical resources, including suggested topics for the first twelve meetings, advice on facilitating groups, techniques to evaluate group satisfaction, and much more. For the millions of people who are searching for greater meaning and intimacy in their lives, this book will help them to grow as leaders and as people - and to stay on course to their True North.
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