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    Trust & Betrayal in the Workplace
    Trust & Betrayal in the Workplace
    Building Effective Relationships in Your Organization
    This book is about trust: the power when it exists, the problems when it doesn't, the pain when it is betrayed and the opportunities for its renewal. Our purpose in writing this book is to help people at all levels of any organization create, support, and, if necessary, rebuild trust in themselves and with others. This book is about creating more productive, engaging, and rewarding work environments for all, arising from work relationships built on trust, infused with spirit - relationships that inspire leaders and employees alike. The principles, practices, tools, and techniques offered in Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace apply to anyone, in any kind of relationship, at any level of responsibility, and in any kind of setting. Today, more than ever, there is a need for trust in the workplace. Our processes are growing in complexity, the global market poses increased demands on people, and collaboration is needed like never before....Trust takes time to develop; it is easy to lose and hard to regain. It is a fragile yet indispensable element in any relationship. By first trusting in themselves, it is possible for leaders to develop caring, genuine relationships and build trust with their people and for employees to develop effective relationships with one another.
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    Dennis S. Reina
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