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    <b>A wonderful time-slip novel full of secrets, family relationships and quiet magic, from the award-winning author of the bestselling and much-loved novels <i>Crow Country</i>, <i>Cicada Summer</i> and <i>The January Stars</i>.</b><br/><br/><b>'Captivating and mysterious. I was completely caught up in Rowan's daring hunt through time to rescue her sister.' - Bren MacDibble</b><br/><br/>Thirteen-year-old Rowan is helping her older sister Ash paint her bedroom when she discovers a mysterious ring that transports them both back in time to 1999. To a party being held in the very same house!<br/><br/>While Ash dances, Rowan unwittingly disrupts the laws of time, and when she wakes up back in the present day, her sister is missing, and - even worse - everyone in their family seems to be forgetting she ever existed. <br/><br/>With the help of her magical neighbour Verity, Rowan must find the courage to travel back through the history of the house. But can she find everything she needs to rescue Ash before her sister disappears forever? <br/><br/>A warm and beautifully told time-slip novel, brimming with secrets, gentle magic and the strong bonds of family, from one of Australia best-loved children's book authors.<br/><br/><b>'Thought provoking and highly engaging - a time-slip with an intriguing mystery and unexpected twist. Highly recommended.' - Wendy Orr</b><br/><br/><b>'A book to devour in one sitting. The mystery and magic held me captive until the very last page.' -  Zana Fraillon</b>
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    NZ$ 61.99

    Book Author
    Kate Constable
    Genre Children's Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Allen & Unwin Book Publishers
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