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    Two Can Play That Game
    Two Can Play That Game
    <b>Funny and romantic, an upbeat YA novel about gaming, goals and getting even from a fresh new voice in contemporary fiction.</b><br/><br/>Sam Khoo has one goal in life: create cool indie games. She's willing to do anything to make her dream come true - even throw away a scholarship to university. All she needs is a super-rare ticket to a game design workshop and she can kickstart her career.<br/><br/>So when Jay Chua, aka Jerky McJerkface, sneakily grabs the last ticket, it's war. Knowing how their Australian-Malaysian community works, Sam issues him an ultimatum: put the ticket on the line in a 1v1 competition of classic video games, or she'll broadcast his duplicity to everyone. Thank you, Asian Gossip Network.<br/><br/>Meeting in neutral locations, away from the eyes and ears of nosy aunties and uncles, Sam and Jay connect despite themselves. It's a puzzle that Sam's not sure she wants to solve. But when her dream is under threat, will she discover that there is more than one way to win?<br/><br/><b>'Utterly charming.</b> I loved this story about the intersection of culture, romance and nerdiness!' <b>Michelle Law</b>, acclaimed writer of <i>Single Asian Female</i><br/><br/>'A <b>gloriously nerdy</b> debut about family, culture, passion and ambition.' <b>Tobias Madden</b>, bestselling author of <i>Take a Bow, Noah Mitchell</i><br/><br/>'A relatable, fire-cracking story about chasing your dreams. <b>Sam Khoo stole my heart</b>.' <b>Wai Chim</b>, award-winning author of <i>The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling</i><br/><br/>'<b>Witty, charming and full of heart</b>. I didn't want it to end!' <b>Kay Kerr</b>, acclaimed author of <i>Social Queue</i> and <i>Please Don't Hug Me</i><br/><br/>'A <b>super-smart, hotly competitive Asian-Australian YA gamer rom-com</b> that celebrates burning your own path through life. This nerd <i>loved</i> it.' <b>Rebecca Lim</b>, award-winning author of <i>Tiger Daughter</i><br/><br/>'An utterly<b> gorgeous and heartwarming debut </b>about family, creativity, ambition and believing in yourself.' <b>Nina Kenwood</b>, bestselling author of <i>Unnecessary Drama</i><br/><br/>'Yong effortlessly weaves together breathless game playing, <b>epic trash talk</b>, <b>slow-burn romance</b>, complex family dynamics and<b> true friendships</b>.' <b>Leanne Hall</b>, award-winning author of <i>The Gaps</i><br/><br/>'<b>Funny, romantic and heart-warming</b>. A dazzling debut.' <b>C.S. Pacat</b>, <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author of <i>Dark Rise</i><br/><br/>'<b>This charming debut won my heart</b>. I wish this book had been around when I was growing up!' <b>Vanessa Len</b>, bestselling author of <i>Only A Monster</i>
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    Leanne Yong
    Genre Young Adult Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Allen & Unwin Book Publishers
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